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    I was born July 26, 1940 in Seymour, Texas, located in West Texas . From an early age, I was a voracious reader, this most likely due to my mother reading exciting stories to me as a baby. By age 10, I had found all of the old classics. By age 12 I had found science fiction and was fascinated by the possibilities the sci-fi writers gave a young reader.  As I became a teenager, I discovered Mickey Spillane and was hooked on the tough-guy private eye. It wasn't until the early 1960s that a friend turned me on to Edgar Rice Burroughs, and from there to Doc Savage and the many pulp heroes of the 1930s and 1940s.  I loved to read, and eventually turned to writing. 

    My first fiction novel was Gryphon Double Novel #23, published by Gryphon Books (Gary Lovisi) in New York. This contained two short novels in my created series, The Masked Avenger: "Dark Streets of Doom" and "Crime's Last Stand." Gryphon Double Novel #23 was published in January 2001.  Second would be "Jur: A Story of Pre-dawn Earth" with James Reasoner, published by Novel Books Inc. (NBI),  July 3rd, 2002.  My third novel is "Savage Land of Jur", published by NBI, November 28th, 2002. "Lost Land of Jur" is in the hands of  NBI, and I am still waiting their decision.

    My nonfiction books include the following: "Secret Agent X: A History" with Will Murray, 1980; "From Shadow to Superman", 1991; "The History of the Purple Wars" (as by Harrison Stievers), 1991; "The Green Ghost," 1991; "The Black Bat", 1990; "Dan Fowler: Ace of the G-Men", 1997; "The Original Masked Marvel, 1996.  In addition , I have been involved in several other anthologies: Mike Cook's "Monthly Murders" in 1982; and Mike Cook's "Mystery, Detective, And Espionage Magazines" in 1983.  I have assisted in several other anthologies without credit.  The Masked Avenger, The Black Ghost, and Stuanofu are my creations, which I hope to see in anthologies some day.   I have also written some short story fiction.

    I married my hometown sweetheart, Virginia Martin on January 12th, 1961.   We had one son, who gave us six granddaughters. They live in Nebraska. I joined the Army in 1958, training in basic infantry, but selected a career field in law enforcement (MPs). It was while working as desk sergeant while stationed in Poitiers, France, that I started trying my hand at writing fiction. 

    Two plots that I created were the early stages of what would eventually be "Jur: Pre-dawn Earth."  However, it wasn't  until 1970, after a tour in Vietnam, that the story finally came together. That was when I wrote "Jur: A Story of Pre-dawn Earth," and "Savage Land of Jur." My hero was an ex-Green Beret, who travels to Africa to seek adventure and forget the war. He had to travel back in time, where he would face danger in an unknown land. He was already specially trained in jungle survival, so I thought he would be ideal in the part. The solution to the plot was time travel. When the story went nowhere, I set the manuscript aside and let it gather dust for about ten years.  While researching the Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine for author identification for a book I was working on, Cylvia Margulies put me in contact with her current Mike Shayne scribe, James Reasoner, and we became fast friends.  James heard about the Jur series and wanted to look at it.   He helped make the story come to life, and replaced the ex-Green Beret  (and the 1970s) with a man from the 1930s. It seemed to work much better.  Still, I allowed the manuscript to gather more dust, until 2001 when my  wife insisted I submit the story to NBI.

    When NBI accepted the first novel, I quickly dug out the second story and made the appropriate changes. To my gratification, it, too, was accepted!  So in 2002, I wrote the third novel, "Lost Land of Jur", thirty years after the first two were written, and 35 years after those slow nights in Poitiers, France.  After retiring from the military in 1979, we worked in a number of jobs which were disappointing, and eventually retired in 1983 and moved back to Seymour.  In 1982, we had started ECHOES, a hobby magazine for the pulp enthusiast, which we published for 100 issues, containing articles and art.  Then with issue #101, ECHOES became a newsletter that continues to this day!  ECHOES and my non-fiction works were published under my own Fading Shadows Inc. imprint.